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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Rhododendron Show

Rhododendron racemosum
On Saturday High Beeches competed in the early Rhododendron competition at RHS Wisley.

A long week of looking for perfect blooms for the show bench bore fruit.  On Friday as we were packing the cars with exhibits things did not look good.  The larger species Rhododendrons were either marked or going over as were some of the earlier hybrids.

Competition was stiff with the Savill Gardens, Exbury, Borde Hill and many others taking part.  This made for a very good show.

High Beeches gained four firsts for Rhododendrons racemosum, rex, nerriflorum and primuliflorum with many places in other classes.  The smaller species rhododendrons saved the day.

Rh primuliflorum was voted Best in Show.

Rhododendron rex

Rhododendron primuliflorum
'Best in Show'

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Early Rhododendron Show

Rhododendron beanianum

It has been a busy week, High Beeches is showing some of their Rhododendrons at the early Rhododendron Show at Wisley this weekend. An opportunity to see some of the best Rhododendrons growing in this country being exhibited by both professionals and amateurs.

The three Rhodos opposite are just some of those that have been selected from High Beeches Garden for the show bench.   A good year for species although in another week or two the hybrids will be at their best.

Rhododendron rex
Showing means a change of routine in the garden for staff. The hunt for the perfect bloom or spray can be challenging as many of the larger Rhododendrons are 10 metres + in height and are often on a slope. A certain amount of ingenuity is called for as well as a great deal of care so as not to damage the chosen bloom.

Rhododendron scabrifolium

Sunday, 6 April 2014


.A thank you to Plantlife for listing High Beeches Garden as one of eleven gardens, in the country, to see wildflowers.  The meadow is already coming into bloom with cowslips and violets.  The meadow is at its peak in June. 

Magnolia denudata
One of the most beautiful magnolias is now in flower, Magnolia denudata also known as the Lily Tree.  It is a large shrub or small tree, as it is here, with pure white, cup shaped, fragrant flowers.  It was introduced from China in l798.

Many of the larger flowered Rhododendrons are now in flower.  Amongst them is
Rhododendron eximium

Rhododendron eximium.  The big, fleshy flowers are tinged with pink and the large, glossy leaves, up to 30 cm long, have an orangy brown indumentum, making this a very attractive plant.

Rhododendron eximium may well be one of the garden's exhibits at the early Rhododendron Show at RHS Wisley on 12th/13th April.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

                                 CHAMAECYPARIS LAWSONIANA WISSELII

The High Beeches Wisselii has turned pink.  
An attractive dark foliaged conifer of medium height, Wisselii has red male stroboli which are much in evidence this year.

Chamaecyparis lawsoniana Wisselii

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Stunning Magnolias

Magnolia campbellii

The recent sun and warmth has brought the magnolias into flower.

A huge Magnolia campbellii, at High Beeches,  viewed best from the B2110 outside Handcross, West Sussex.

Magnolia campbellii is native to Bhutan and Nepal and was introduced to the UK in 1865
Magnolia sargentiana robusta Chenault

Magnolia campbellii spp mollicomata Lanarth

Magnolia sargentiana robusta Chenault is
covered in flower.  This tree is a survivor of the storm of l987.  The tree was blown down, it was left on its side and now flowers every year  on the new growth and is a spectacular sight even though it is no longer a beautiful tree.

Magnolia campbelli spp mollicomata Lanarth
just starting to flower a beautiful cyclamen pink.  This magnolia was raised at Lanarth from seed collected by Forrest in

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Early Spring 2014

Rhododendron ririei


It stopped raining this morning, for a while, and the sun shone.   It almost felt like Spring.

There are several plants in flower including Hamamelis mollis, Crocus tommasinianus, Primroses, Snowdrops and Mahonia.

Two early flowering Rhododenrons are looking good in the sunlight:- 

Rhododendron ririei, an early flowering mauve species introduced by Ernest Wilson and Rhododendron Nobleanum a hybrid between Rh. arboreum and Rh.caucasicum.

The narcissus cyclamineus will soon be in flower and there is a plenlty of flower bud on the magnolias promising a fine display.

High Beeches Garden is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the planting of a number of plants by Col Giles Loder in 1914.  There will be a Centenary Breakfast on Saturday 17th May followed by a tour of the centenary plants led by the Curator and Gardener in Charge.  For more details call 01444 401589.

The garden opens on Saturday 15th March.
Rhododendron nobleanum

Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn Foliage

Liriodendron tulipifera

Just three trees in their full autumn glory.

Liriodendron tulipifera, tulip tree, a native of North America
Nyssa sylvatica High Beeches

Nyssa sylvatica High Beeches, tupelo tree.
This plant was awarded the First Class Certificate by the RHS
Quercus velutina

Quercus velutina, the black oak, a native of eastern North America